City anniversary 2025

Gütersloh celebrates 2025 city anniversary - celebrate with us!

Im Jahr 2025 feiert Gütersloh 200 Jahre Stadtrechte. Zu diesem Anlass sind alle Bürger*innen aufgerufen, ihre Ideen für die Feierlichkeiten einzubringen und so das Stadtjubiläum mitzugestalten. Denn das Stadtjubiläum soll vor allem ein Fest von Bürger*innen für Bürger*innen werden.

Informationen zur Ideenwerkstatt, die im November 2023 bereits erste Ideen bündelte, finden Sie viewed here.

Ideas & suggestions for the 2025 city anniversary


(W)shopping in Gütersloh

Delicious wines and relaxed shopping

(W)einkaufen in Gütersloh will take place on the open Sunday on November 5, 2023 from 1 - 6 p.m. in downtown Gütersloh.

In participating stores, you can purchase a wine glass including a glass holder for 5 euros and then have wine or non-alcoholic beverages poured for you free of charge. Have fun shopping and enjoy!

The following stores invite you for a drink:

A campaign of the Werbegemeinschaft Gütersloh e. V.


Organized by Gütersloh Marketing

Adventure bike tour to the stork nests

On the approximately 22-kilometer route, city guide and amateur ornithologist Ludger Settertobulte informs participants about the life of storks in Gütersloh. In addition, the participants can look forward to a lot of exciting information about the adjacent nature reserve. The start and finish of the adventure bike tour is in front of the main entrance to Gütersloh's "Die Welle" leisure pool. The guided bike tour lasts about 2 hours.

Wearing a helmet is recommended!

Our Tip:

The bike tour is very suitable for families with children, it is ridden at a relaxed pace.


"It's very Christmassy!" - Gütersloh's Christmas walk

"Little children, come!"

...because it's getting Christmassy in Gütersloh!

When the Christmas market rings in the Advent season, it's time for the popular Christmas tours. On these tours, our city guides take you on a journey of discovery through the festively decorated Dalke city.

From the Apostle Church, Brunhilde Kohls will take you on a two-hour tour of the city to the nativity scene in the Martin Luther Church, the Christmas market on Berliner Platz and the Evangelisch-Stiftisches Gymnasium (ESG). The city museum is also a stop on the entertaining walk. City guide Brunhilde Kohls shares her knowledge about how Christmas was celebrated in Gütersloh in Prussian times and why speculoos cookies were shipped from the Dalke across the Atlantic to America. The origins of Christmas music traditions, such as tower blowing or the night chimes, which are unique in Germany, are also the subject of our tour.

Barbara Weidler takes a slightly different approach. Here, too, you will learn exciting insider knowledge and get answers to the questions mentioned. Accompanied by the glow of lights and the adventurous chimes at the town hall, however, she starts from there in the direction of Berliner Platz. Surrounded by the smell of roasted almonds, the path leads you to the Evangelisch-Stiftisches Gymnasium, into the church of St. Pancras and onto the Alter Kirchplatz. The tour ends after about 1.5 hours at the Martin Luther Church to the sounds of the night chime. From there it is only a few steps to the Gütersloh Christmas Market, where the spicy taste of punch and mulled wine already awaits you.

Also bookable for private groups !

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Gütersloh under National Socialism

Only for
private groups and school classes !

Gütersloh under National Socialism

National Socialism and World War II left their mark not only in Berlin and at the sites of the former concentration camps. Gütersloh's city history also had its share of ideology and propaganda, crime and destruction. The tour leads to places of remembrance of the victims of National Socialism in the city center, but also presents the biographies of perpetrators and fellow travelers from the city as well as the life of the population during the Nazi era.

Speaker: Norbert Ellermann or Dr. Franz Jungbluth.

Themed tour also bookable for secondary schools: The tour is aimed at school classes that have already covered or are currently covering the topic of National Socialism in class and have a basic knowledge of the Nazi system.

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Hiking in Gütersloh

Gütersloh hiking

Hiking is very popular, and Gütersloh, which is located not far from the well-known Teutoburg Forest hiking region, can also come up with some beautiful trails, of course. We'll tell you more about them now. Otherwise take a look at the TeutoNavigator: Many more private routes can be found there!


The 54 km long hiking trail leads hiking enthusiasts around Gütersloh. Starting at the town hall, the trail leads through the shopping mile Berliner Straße and then along the Dalke River to the former airport. Along the valley meadows of the Lutter, the trail continues to Isselhorst. The Furhmannsweg then crosses Friedrichsdorf, Avenwedde, Spexard and finally Kattenstroth to finally return along the Dalke to the town hall.

St. James' Way

Pilgrimage on your doorstep: There are also pilgrimage routes in Germany. One route of the Way of St. James, for example, leads from Minden via Bielefeld and Lippstadt to Soest. You will also pass through Gütersloh on the way. Here the original pilgrimage route was reconstructed by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL). For more information about the exact route, please contact the Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe! We will be happy to stamp your pilgrim's passport at our ServiceCenter.

For more information, click on the logo.

Water adventure trail Dalke

Along the Dalke, interested visitors will find 20 statiions highlighting the ecological and economic importance of water. This includes the topics water cycle, flowing and still waters, renaturation, hydraulic engineering, habitats and forms, water quality, water chemistry and physics, flood protection, hydropower, water use, water purification, landscape and urban history as well as local recreation.

For more information, click on the image.

"Good friends – the trees in the Gütersloh Botanical Garden"

Barbara Weidler not only presents the history and the special features of the well-known classics such as poplar, birch, beech etc. Did you know that the ginkgo tree bears fruit? What does the cinnamon maple tree have to do with the spice? And why is the Japanese cake tree also called the gingerbread tree? You will find out this and more on the exciting guided tour through the city park/botanical garden.

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Just smell it ...!

Barbara Weidler  takes you on a tour of aromatic plants such as Sweet Violet, Lavender  and Thyme. Interested “sniffers” can test their sensitivity on selected plants, make surprising experiences or rummage through olfactory memories. The olfactory tunnel alone, a constantly expanding work of art by world-renowned Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, should provide plenty of opportunity for this.

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"Ach Du grüne Neune" - Guided tour of witchcraft herbs with Barbara Weidler

The city park with its idyllic botanical garden is the insider's tip for Gütersloh residents and visitors from outside. In 2020, the green living room celebrated its 111th anniversary.

Park guide Barbara Weidler presents selected plants (not only) from the Apothecary Garden , and explains the place of magic herbs and witchcraft herbs as plants of luck and love in cultural history, for example.

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Gütersloh and its night song bells

A city tour of a special kind!

During the winter months, Gütersloh has been ringing out a special sound for over 200 years: the night chime of Gütersloh. From Reformation Day at the end of October until Candlemas at the beginning of February, the night chimes ring out every Saturday evening from the bell tower of the Martin Luther Church. Today, this traditional way of making music with church bells is only practiced in Gütersloh.

City guide Brunhilde Kohls will lead you on this romantic evening walk through the alleys of the city to the sounds of the night bell ringing. Learn everything about the origin of the bell ringing and this unique, still preserved tradition during this special city tour.


The tour starts in front of Café Fritzenkötter. From there, it takes about two hours to walk through downtown Gütersloh, past the city museum, the registry office, the old church square and, of course, the Martin Luther Church. The tour ends at the Old District Court on Berliner Platz.

You can find more information about the Gütersloh Night Song Bells viewed here.


Plan your next excursion interactively

You can plan your excursion in the Teutoburg Forest region interactively with the TEUTO_Navigator from OstWestfalenLippe GmbH. More than 600 tourist tour tips with maps, pictures and elevation profiles are available there.

You can easily view the entire content on the move using the free "Mein Teuto" app. Of course, you can also get all the information you need about excursions and leisure planning from us at the Service Centre.

Open-air cinema

Cinema under the open sky - that's how it can be endured in the summer. Because when no one thinks about movie theaters because the weather invites you to be outside, then it's time for open air cinema. Once started quite modestly, the Open Air Cinema has meanwhile become a small cultural highlight. We have already realized open air cinemas with various partners. Venues were for example the Wapelbad, the Dreiecksplatz or the industrial area of the company Gehring & Bunte.

Dates are constantly updated here and in our calendar of events "Auf Schlür (Going Out) event calendar.


In collaboration with the Gütersloh Tourist Office.

Fans of the moving image will also get their money's worth at the GTM Summer. On Saturday, August 27, film fans can look forward to the open-air cinema on Hans-Werner-Henze-Platz at the theater. The fast-paced family comedy "Catweazle" starring Otto Waalkes will start at nightfall at around 8:45 pm. Admission is free. From 7 p.m., there will be chips and bratwurst from Menzel, and popcorn and drinks will also be provided. Fans of the moving image will also get their money's worth at the GTM Summer. On Saturday, August 27, film fans can look forward to the open-air cinema on Hans-Werner-Henze-Platz at the theater. The fast-paced family comedy "Catweazle" starring Otto Waalkes will start at nightfall at around 8:45 pm. Admission is free. From 7 p.m., there will be chips and bratwurst from Menzel, and popcorn and drinks will also be provided. It's worth getting there early, because seats are limited.

Information for organizers

Are you an organiser and need help in planning an event in a public area here in Gütersloh? Then you've come to the right place!

In addition to our own event planning, we would also be pleased to advise other event organizers, clubs, districts, institutions, etc. with the planning and organization of their events. Particularly in the current situation, the event industry is facing more challenges than ever, but we are sure of one thing: Together we can do it!

From the Gütersloh Spring to the Gütersloh Christmas Market to children's flea markets – the list of gtm's various events is long! We can therefore draw on a wealth of experience and provide you with expertise in a wide variety of formats.

We will clarify questions such as: "What would be a suitable date? Who do I need to contact? Which authorities do I need to inform? Have I thought about everything?" with you and provide you with tips for a successful event.

In addition to providing free advice and assistance with organizational tasks, gtm will also assist you with the application, and will include your event in "Auf Schlür“ online event calendar.

You will therefore be well prepared and your event can take place!

Please feel free to contact us!

Information for artists

Are you an artist and have a great format with which you would like to enhance our events? We are always looking for unusual street artists, great bands and musicians or workshops.

Please feel free to contact us!

Information for stand operators

Are you a stand operator or artisan, or do you have a ride, a food truck or other idea with which you can enhance our events? We are always on the lookout for unusual gastronomy and interesting product stands.

Please feel free to contact us!

Unfortunately, we are not the right contact persons for the following events:

Wine market (Schenke Delikatessen)

Whitsun and Michaeliskirmes (Michaelis Fair) (Gütersloh-Lippstadt Showmen's Association)

Ham market, Gütersloh Summer (Gütersloh Tourist Office)

Donnerlüttken, LangeNachtderKunst (City of Gütersloh Department of Culture)

Freitag18, Small Arts Week (Dreiecksplatz Cultural Community)

In this case, please contact the organiser who is listed in parentheses directly. Applications received by us for the above-mentioned events will not be processed or forwarded.

Registration form for DIY Market November 4 & 5, 2023

Conferences and congresses

The conference and congress location of Gütersloh is situated in an idyllic location in the countryside and is easily accessible. With its location next to the A2 motorway and the ICE train route from Berlin to Cologne, as well as its proximity to several airports, the city boasts optimal transport links.

With modern and traditional conference hotels, design locations and a congress and exhibition centre, Gütersloh has numerous attractive event venues. A wide variety of event formats are possible, from small seminars to multi-day congresses, business celebrations and private parties and also trade fairs. More than 1,000 guest beds are available in the city's hotels, which provide comfort for all requirements. In a city of short distances, you are never far from the event locations. Gütersloh also provides a diverse supporting programme thanks to its attractive combination of urbanity and relaxing greenery.

Conference and event rooms in Gütersloh

Framework programmes and incentives

Guided tours of the city and themed tours
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Cycle and hiking trails in the city area
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Hotel search

Are you planning a congress, conference or trade fair in Gütersloh and are still looking for the right hotel? Then take a look at this page: Here you will find an overview of the hotels located in the Gütersloh city area.

The "URBAN" project

The idea

The "URBAN", the award for city beautifiers, was created by the inner city working group. The aim is to encourage citizens and visitors to initiate new and attractive things for Gütersloh and take notice of them in their city!

The motto: Discover and show the beautiful features of the city with open eyes!


The URBAN is intended to stimulate creativity in the city centre. Therefore, all ideas which fulfil the following conditions will be considered:

The ideas must be implemented in the city centre. In this case, the area between Kahlertstrasse and Bismarckstrasse, the railway line and Barkeystrasse is regarded as part of the city centre.


Key points:

  1. The implementation must not have taken place more than two years ago.
  2. Every citizen can submit suggestions, and is invited to walk through Gütersloh with open eyes. 

Examples of implementations are façades, shop windows, green spaces, and sustainable stagings.

Important: The activity for the Gütersloh city centre will be evaluated as a whole. Not only fixed buildings can be suggested, but also actions and commitments!

Participants should be deliberately encouraged to initiate something new and attractive for the competition.

Decision-making criteria for the jury:

Previous award winners:

Preisträger URBAN 2017_Stadt Guetersloh

URBAN 2017

"For the first time, the 2017 award was presented to two initiatives. The inner city working group gave the award to the ISG Mittlere Berliner Straße for the ""Umbrella Sky"" - the colourful umbrellas which decorated the pedestrian zone in Berliner Straße - and the Werbekreis Dreiecksplatz for the shadow shows which were projected onto the windows around Dreiecksplatz."

Preisträger URBAN Preis 2015_Männer im Anzug

URBAN 2015

The award for the most creative beautification of the city went to the Kolbeplatz Oasis project in 2015. In 2014 and 2015, Carsten Huhn from GTown-Music, together with Ralf Ehlers, Hans-Jörg Milse and his volunteers from ToyRun4Kids, transformed the square into a true inner-city feel-good location as a beach oasis for the months of June to September.

Preisverleihung URBAN-Preis 2013_Sieger und Flötenspieler

URBAN 2013

In 2013, the URBAN went to the Werbekreis Dreiecksplatz, which made the square even more inviting with 30 colourful deck chairs.

City management

City management

Gütersloh is more than culture, more than a "city in the countryside" and more than its numerous events. Gütersloh is also its city center. And to ensure that the center of Gütersloh, with its many owner-operated retail stores and its large selection of restaurants, remains fit for the future, we have dedicated ourselves to city management.

What does city management mean?

Together with our partners, we are the initiator of numerous activities to strengthen the city center. We founded the real estate and location community Mittlere Berliner Straße and have since supported it in urban development changes and square design within the framework of various events and campaigns.

Through regular exchange with the various departments of the city or even business people in the city center, we ensure that all stakeholders continue to actively participate together in the positive development of our city center. And it's not just events that make Gütersloh even more attractive. It's the little things that make a city worth living in: It starts with the trash cans and doesn't stop with attractive street furniture and seasonal campaigns.

Surveys on the current state of the city center

Bunte Regenschirme hänger über der Mittleren Berliner Straße

Study of vital inner cities

The "Vitale Innenstädte" study is Germany's largest and best-known analysis of German city centers. We want to understand what you expect as visitors to our city and how we can continually improve the quality of stay in the city center. Every two years, we therefore take part in the IFH Cologne study and draw our conclusions from the results. You can find the latest evaluation here:

Footfall count

Pedestrian frequency counts map customer flows within stores, streets and entire city centers. Collected continuously over many years, the readings allow conclusions to be drawn about many city usage patterns and are used as a basis for decisions on open Sundays and similar purposes. The current figures of our regular counts can be found here:

The Center Management project is a joint project of the City of Gütersloh's Urban Planning department and conceptGT and Gütersloh Marketing GmbH. The urban planning department is in charge of the project. Center management in Gütersloh is supported by the Stadt und Handel office.

The goal of the center management is to develop a strategy for the future Gütersloh city center.

You can find detailed information viewed here.

Inner city working group

The downtown working group, which brings together the heads of the civil engineering, urban planning, city cleaning, public order, green spaces and central public relations departments, ensures that Gütersloh becomes even more livable and attractive. Together, the group develops and implements a wide variety of measures and projects to make the city center even more attractive. These include better signage in the city, but also the URBAN competition, which also makes an important contribution to beautifying the city center.

What's going on in the district and the region?

Gütersloh events - quickly found with "Auf Schlür"

City festivals, exhibitions, cultural events, events for families, sporting events, parties and many other events in the city of Gütersloh can be found in our event calendar - online or as an app! Modern and clearly arranged in order to provide you with all of the information about dates etc. "Auf Schlür" is supported by a sponsorship from the Bertelsmann international media group. Like the ""Auf Schlür"" web site, the app was programmed and maintained by the ""Numerisch-Gesellschaft für digitale Produkte"" (Numeric company for digital products) company in Berlin. Please feel free to send us suggestions and dates for the calendar of events directly to

GT means insider tip!

13 towns and municipalities with 69 districts and 75 rural communities – the district of Gütersloh is expansive and diverse. And what holds them all together? You guessed it: GT. And not just as GT on a car registration plate. GT has now been given a new, additional meaning: it's a "Good Tip"! The district of Gütersloh is full of good tips. From small, but sophisticated events to natural treasures – there are many things which even the approximately 350,000 residents don't know about yet. In order to change this, the Good Tip Days now invite you to rediscover your homeland. Find out more here!

GT success district

The city of Gütersloh is located in the heart of the GT success district, so we can say with conviction: There's something going on here! From recreation and retreat into nature to sport and enjoyment to museums and culture, our region has much to offer in terms of recreational opportunities. Click here and get some inspiration!

Bielefeld Regiopolis Region

Together with 10 other municipalities, the city of Gütersloh has been collaborating on various projects as part of the Bielefeld Regiopolis Region since 2016. Among other things, thanks to this cooperation we can say: The range of events in the entire region is diverse and extensive. Be it theatre, exhibitions, concerts or markets: there is something to suit every taste. You will find event tips from the region here. Simply select the tips which you want to be displayed in the menu at the top left and off you go! Just take a look!

"With all and sundry" through Gütersloh

"Getting your act together", "putting your foot in your mouth," "having several irons in the fire," "keeping things simple" – proverbs and sayings are used as a matter of course in everyday life. But the original meaning or origin of the proverbs is not known to many. During the guided tour "Mit Hinz und Kunz durch Gütersloh," city guide Norbert Ellermann will be presenting selected proverbs and sayings at individual stops in the city centre of Gütersloh and explaining the background.

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Guided bike tour on the Dalke water adventure trail

Off into the greenery: City guide Walter Holtkamp will be taking his group out into the countryside around Gütersloh city centre. Nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts can join him in exploring the idyllic landscape of the renaturated Dalke on a guided bike tour.

All participants should meet at the Strangmühle at 1 pm. The group will then drive towards the city centre at a relaxed pace, accompanied by Walter Holtkamp. The tour is based on the water adventure trail. This trail, which was developed by the Gütersloh environmental foundation, consists of twenty stops, including the city park and the weaving mill. Exciting background information about the trail, the renaturation of the stream and the importance of the Dalke, the Lutter and the Wapel for Gütersloh await the tour participants at the stops. The destination of the trip is the confluence of the Dalke and the Wapel. The tour ends here at the entrance to the Wapelbad, after which the Wapelbad café invites you to spend some time there at your own expense.

Wearing a helmet is recommended!

Also bookable for private groups !

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Cycling through the farming communities

If you would like to get to know the Gütersloh farming communities better by bike, you can accompany city guide Walter Holtkmap on his bike tour. 

On the approximately 16 kilometre route, you will discover the listed farms of the district. The tour takes about 3.5 hours and starts at 1 p.m. at the St. Pankratius Church car park. From there, city guide Walter Holtkamp will cycle with the group across the farming communities of Kattenstroth, Pavenstädt and Blankenhagen. Stops along the way include the district's farms, some of which are listed as historic monuments, such as the Barkey farm or the Rassfeld dairy farm. At the end of the bike tour, you can stop for a traditional Pickertessen (Pickert: local flat, fried or baked potato dish) at the Gasthof Mühlenstroth if you wish.

Also bookable for private groups !

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Bicycle tour "Romantic pättkes and secluded corners".

City guide Klaus Gottenströter and his cycling group discover the idyllic aspects of Gütersloh. On the "Romantic Places and Secluded Corners" bike tour, some fabulous locations in and around Gütersloh are waiting to be explored. The ride starts in front of our Service Centre in Gütersloh. From here, it takes 3.5 hours to head north to Marienfeld and continue along the river Lutter to Isselhorst. Klaus Gottenströter will provide participants with fascinating information about the airport site, the Hühnermoor moor, Marienfeld monastery and many other stops along the way. You can take a short break at your own expense at the "Zur Linde" inn in Isselhorst or the "Mühlenstroth" inn in Gütersloh. After about 25 km, the leisurely tour ends in Gütersloh city centre.

Wearing a helmet is recommended!

Also bookable for private groups !

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"Off into the Greenery" – Guided Tour of the City Park & Botanical Garden

The city park with its idyllic botanical garden is an insider tip for Gütersloh residents as well as visitors. The green living room celebrated its 111th anniversary in 2020.

The team of park guides takes interested persons on an educational walk through the park and the Botanical Garden on various dates throughout the year. The meeting point for the participants is the entrance to the Botanical Garden at the corner of Parkstraße and Badstraße. Particularly beautiful: In autumn, the participants explore the late blooming in the park, and in spring and summer the main blooming season conjures up picturesque colours. The summer flowerbeds around the globe maple with the characteristic white round bench in the middle of the Botanical Garden are also a special stopping point. The city gardeners take new inspiration for their planning every year, most recently in 2020 from the 1970s. With colourful geometric patterns, a nostalgically colourful summer flower planting has been created: A true tribute to 111 years of the city park.

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"With Horn and Halberd" – The night watchman tour

In addition to our market woman Güths Mariechen, the night watchman, equipped with horn and halberd, is also on the move in Gütersloh. Whereas the market women can be heard calling during the day, he ensures that there is law and order during the night. Anyone who is interested can accompany him on his way. City guide Klaus Gottenströter tours the city centre every month, usually on Friday evenings. The meeting point for the popular tour is the field behind the Apostelkirche. As dusk falls, the call of the night watchman can be heard there, who then takes the group on a guided tour of the city, sharing interesting facts about the city's history as well as exciting insights into the life of past centuries.

Also bookable for private groups !

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"With Heart, Courage and Tenacity" – Gütersloh women make history

With Heart, Courage and Tenacity: Gütersloh city guide Barbara Weidler focuses on strong women from Gütersloh's history. She walks with the participants in the footsteps of the most famous Gütersloh women of the 19th and 20th centuries. The 1.5-hour tour "With Heart, Courage and Tenacity" provides interesting facts and exciting anecdotes about the lives of women and the working conditions of women workers in bygone times. The list of female celebrities from Gütersloh is long: from Emilie Thesing to Elfriede Güth and Julie Puwelle to Güth's Mariechen – although the role of women was not always easy, numerous successful and committed women shaped and continue to shape Gütersloh's history. This guided tour is recommended for anyone who would like to find out more about them.

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"(Un)typically Westphalian" – Culinary Evening Walk

The culinary stroll through the city centre does not just involve a wide variety of delicacies from selected Gütersloh restaurants. On the way through Gütersloh, city guide Klaus Gottenströter also provides some interesting nuggets of information about the city's past and present. The walk starts at the main entrance to Gütersloh theatre.

The main course will be served in the traditional Gütersloher Brauhaus and dessert will follow in the noble Parkhotel Gütersloh. For the appetizer, participants can look forward to a culinary highlight that will not be announced until the tour.

Participants can plan about four hours for the tour. The ticket price of 64.50 euros includes a delicious three-course meal with a welcome drink and a guided tour of the sights of Gütersloh. Time to enjoy, chat and relax is offered by the stay in the three restaurants along the route.

Possible food intolerances as well as special diets must be indicated when purchasing the ticket, unfortunately a later consideration is not possible.

Also bookable for private groups ! *

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On the road with "Güths Mariechen"

City guide Brunhilde Kohls slips into the costume of the famous Westphalian market woman and, dressed as Güth's Mariechen, leads the tour participants through Gütersloh city centre. Always on hand: anecdotes from the life of the "best saleswoman far and wide" who, with her striking appearance and resolute sayings, captured a place on the market and in the hearts of the market visitors. Humorous, quick-witted and self-confident, that was Güth's Mariechen (1875 to 1952), whose monument on Kolbeplatz still commemorates her today. She is known as a true Gütersloh original. And so is the city guide, who brings the market woman back to life on her tour, therefore adding some variety to everyday life.

From the meeting point at Café Fritzenkötter, she will take you on a 1.5-hour tour of Gütersloh's most important squares and sights. Brunhilde Kohls will explain the history and stories of the buildings and share her tales about the market woman.

Also bookable for private groups !

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View through the "Window into the past"

Even though the title might suggest it: Uninspiring numbers and boring facts don't stand a chance on the "Window into the Past" city tour. City guide Brunhilde Kohls uses anecdotes to bring the history of the Old Church Square to life on this tour.

This journey back in time to very early Gütersloh shows that the Old Church Square is not only the origin of the city of Gütersloh, but also an important archaeological and historical source. Among other things, the topics of schooling and jurisdiction are also discussed during the guided tour. Of course, the Apostelkirche is also a part of the tour. In this case it is about the architects and artists who were involved in the construction and equipping of the church. The sagas and legends surrounding the church are also touched upon. Brunhilde Kohls explains the burial culture using the remains of the walls of the historic cemetery.

Another highlight is the visit to the house at Alte Kirchplatz 11, one of Gütersloh's oldest buildings. The post-holes of a 12th century building were uncovered here in 2016. In the basement of the building, not only these post-holes but also a display case containing medieval pottery shards, animal bones, horse teeth and fragments of ancient clay pipes can be viewed.

The city tour, which lasts about 2.5 hours and is very varied, begins at the meeting point on the meadow at the Apostle Church.

Unfortunately not privately bookable!

"The classic"

Where does the core of the former heathland village of Gütersloh lie, what was the purpose of the Dreiecksplatz in the past, and what does the Society for the Rescue of Castaways have to do with Gütersloh, of all places? These and many other questions are answered on the city centre tour "The Classic".

Der Rundgang führt unter anderem über die typischen Gütersloher Pättken zu den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten, wie dem Verhoffhaus, dem Wasserturm oder dem imposanten Theater. Die perfekte Stadtführung, um Gütersloh (neu) zu entdecken!

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Excursion destinations in Gütersloh

Gütersloh has a lot to offer! On this page we have summarized some highlights of our city for you.

You don't want to explore Gütersloh on your own? Why not take part in one of our guided tours: Find out more viewed here.


Cinema and theater

Sporty in Gütersloh

Our calendar of events "Auf Schlür"

Are you still looking for a nice event for the day? Then take a look at our Gütersloh event calendar "Auf Schlür"!

Reading crumbs - for 2 and 3-year-olds

Together with a parent or grandparent (or other adult companion), we invite you to dive into the world of books. We read aloud, play, sing and do handicrafts on a theme....

City library, children's library, event room 23.02.2024 16:00-16:45
City tour: "With horn and halberd" - night watchman tour

In addition to our market woman Güths Mariechen is also the night watchman, equipped with horn and halberd in Gütersloh on the road. Where during the day on the market the call of the market women resounds, he provides the...

Church of the Apostles 23.02.2024 18:00-19:30

What's going on in the district?

Would you like to do something outside the city area? Then click here and learn more about the leisure activities in the district on the Erfolgskreis Gütersloh site!

St. Martin's weekend

St. Martin's weekend

The first weekend in November in Gütersloh awaited visitors with a variety of activities in the city center. From a lantern parade to an open Sunday with a big variety show, there was something for everyone at the last Martinmas weekend in 2023.

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Citizens' Day

Gütersloh Citizens' Day – a day when the spotlight is on volunteer work!

The idea behind the Citizens' Day is just as inspirational as the wide range of associations and initiatives in the Gütersloh area. The Citizens' Day is intended to provide a platform on which the associations and initiatives can have their say and present themselves and their work – including eager canvassing for support!

The Citizens' Day is intended to entertain, stimulate, inform and bring the people of Gütersloh together for an exchange of ideas. After all, a wide range of volunteer work take place in Gütersloh: from the Anti-Rust Initiative to the Central Federation of Assyrian Associations in Germany, from social services to hobby groups and sports associations to foundations and counselling centres – all doors are open to anyone who wants to take part in volunteer work in Gütersloh.

The Citizens' Day was held for the first time in 2017, and the success story continued in 2019. The Dreiecksplatz and Theodor-Heuss-Platz in front of the city hall were the venues, with around 50 associations presenting their commitment on stage and on the numerous stands.

The Gütersloh public relations department, volunteer work coordinator Elke Pauly-Teismann and gtm collaborate to organize the event. The Bertelsmann Foundation supports not only Citizens' Day, but also numerous other community projects.

More information will be available here during the course of the year, or on the association's web site Gütersloh resourcefulness.

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