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Members from retail, gastronomy and service companies

Gütersloh Advertising Association was founded in 1971 as an interest community of local retailers. As a strong community consisting of retailers, restaurants and service providers, it has since committed itself to all matters concerning Gütersloh inner city. The common goal of all members of the advertising association is to promote and strengthen the vitality of the city of Gütersloh. The Gütersloh Advertising Association stands for service-oriented, sustainable and representative commercial activities.

Together with Gütersloh Marketing GmbH and Mittlere Berliner Straße Real Estate and Location Community e.V., it also takes part in campaigns and important developments relating to the city. The advertising association is a partner of Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, which is responsible for events such as Gütersloh Spring and Gütersloh Christmas Market. The advertising association also provides a discussion platform for the interests and affairs of its members. It is also a discussion partner for the city administration when it comes to matters concerning municipal retail policy.

True to the motto "We bring life into the city!", it makes Gütersloh even more attractive for its citizens and visitors. In this way, the advertising association is trying to counteract an exodus of purchasing power by means of effective customer loyalty measures.

From left: Ralf Schubert, Gabriele Conert, Heike Winter, Johannes Westerheide, Cliff Schütte, Ulrike Meyer

Executive Board

Gabriele Conert

McDonald's Gütersloh / Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Ulrike Meyer

Schuhhaus Potthoff

Markus Finke

Fashion Store & Intersport Finke

Cliff Schutte

Porta Gütersloh


Sabine Flöttmann

Flöttmann Verlag

Johannes Westerheide

Textilhaus Klingenthal

Ralf Schubert

Alex / Bankery

Heike Winter

GENO Immobilien


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