Hiking in Gütersloh

Hiking in Gütersloh

Gütersloh hiking

Hiking is very popular, and Gütersloh, which is located not far from the well-known Teutoburg Forest hiking region, can also come up with some beautiful trails, of course. We'll tell you more about them now. Otherwise take a look at the TeutoNavigator: Many more private routes can be found there!


The 54 km long hiking trail leads hiking enthusiasts around Gütersloh. Starting at the town hall, the trail leads through the shopping mile Berliner Straße and then along the Dalke River to the former airport. Along the valley meadows of the Lutter, the trail continues to Isselhorst. The Furhmannsweg then crosses Friedrichsdorf, Avenwedde, Spexard and finally Kattenstroth to finally return along the Dalke to the town hall.

St. James' Way

Pilgrimage on your doorstep: There are also pilgrimage routes in Germany. One route of the Way of St. James, for example, leads from Minden via Bielefeld and Lippstadt to Soest. You will also pass through Gütersloh on the way. Here the original pilgrimage route was reconstructed by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL). For more information about the exact route, please contact the Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe! We will be happy to stamp your pilgrim's passport at our ServiceCenter.

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Water adventure trail Dalke

Along the Dalke, interested visitors will find 20 statiions highlighting the ecological and economic importance of water. This includes the topics water cycle, flowing and still waters, renaturation, hydraulic engineering, habitats and forms, water quality, water chemistry and physics, flood protection, hydropower, water use, water purification, landscape and urban history as well as local recreation.

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