What is "shopping for home"?

The "Heimat shoppen" project of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) aims to highlight the importance of local purchasing power and thus to strengthen local gastronomy, stationary retail trade and local service companies.

Gütersloh has been participating in the "Heimat shoppen" project since 2021 to make shopping in Gütersloh and visiting the city center attractive and worthwhile.

In the meantime, campaign days for "shopping at home" are held throughout Germany on the 2nd weekend in September. Local businesses not only supply citizens with goods and services, they also shape the cityscape, secure jobs and apprenticeships, are involved in events and city festivals, and can provide personal advice and special services thanks to their proximity to citizens. In addition, the business tax paid by retailers, service providers and restaurateurs is an important source of income for every municipality. Every euro spent locally helps to make a city lively and worth living in.

In 2023, the "crazy shopping" and the Gütersloh crown took place. Impressions of past campaign days can be found viewed here.


Why shopping local pays off

1. "Shopping at home" means shopping with neighbors and friends.

Good advice and service increase customer satisfaction. Who better to advise you than someone who knows what you want because they know you personally, because they live where you live.

2. "Heimat shoppen" supports events, associations and initiatives

Club life needs local businesses, because the organizers of events and community festivals often receive financial support from local companies. This means that with every purchase and every visit to a local restaurant, you are also supporting customs and civic engagement in your home region.

3. "Shopping at home" secures work and training

Together, stores and restaurants are one of the largest local employers and one of the largest vocational trainers. With every purchase you make, you help keep it that way and offer young people an economic perspective at home. This keeps your community young and vibrant.

4. "Home shopping" makes your community livable

Not only buildings and history make a place special. The variety of shopping opportunities and the specialness of the gastronomy also characterize your community. The more you take advantage of these offers, the more attractive and lively your town becomes.

5. "Shopping at home" reduces the environmental impact

The farther you drive for your shopping, the more you burden the environment - and your wallet. Shopping locally means less energy consumption, less traffic jams and more time and money for other nice things.

6. "Home shopping" strengthens your community

Every euro you spend within the municipal boundaries benefits your home, because retailers and restaurateurs pay business tax. This tax is the most important source of revenue for municipalities. Thus, with every purchase or restaurant visit, you strengthen the economic foundation of your locality.