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What's going on in Gütersloh? You can get all the news about advance ticket sales, the latest city tours and new local products and on the subject of city management here. You can also read about what else is going on in the city: From Gütersloh Spring to Michaelmas Week, Gütersloh Reading City, St. Martin's weekend and the Christmas market, there is always something new at gtm! It's also worthwhile paying a visit to our Service Centre: Lots of news and information about Gütersloh await you - not just online, but also on site.

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News from the gtm

A warm welcome!

Gütersloh - much better than not so bad, as we East Westphalians say with typical modesty. Our radio station says it all: We are the "Best district in the world." And what is our job as the people responsible for city marketing? It involves many things: We are city managers, event organizers, advance ticket sellers and tourist information providers. In a nutshell, we show the city from its best side, enhance it and look after it - and present it with all of its lovable quirks together with our entrepreneurial and enterprising fellow citizens, who keep an eye on business and culture. Gütersloh is our home, and enriching the colourful life of our home is our passion!

A warm welcome!

Events & guided tours

There's a lot going on in Gütersloh. Each year, Gütersloh Spring transforms the city centre into a sea of flowers. Bookworms and authors flock to Gütersloh for the Reading City event, and there is much more in store: Michaelmas Week attracts street artists to the city for the colourful hustle and bustle, and the Christmas market rings in the reflective time of year. Smaller activities between the major events enrich the calendar of events and breathe life into the city. Find out more about Gütersloh's colourful event landscape here.

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Events & guided tours


We are your first port of call whenever it comes to event tickets of any kind. From local concerts and performances to regional events and major national events - you can get your tickets from us. However, we are not just a nationwide advance booking office: we are also proud of being the box office for cultural events in Gütersloh!

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Gütersloh Christmas market Glittering lights, culinary delights and a varied stage program  

The Gütersloh Christmas market on Berliner Platz opens on Thursday, November 30. Until December 30, there will be a wide range of delicacies, arts and crafts and a daily changing stage program....

Inner city 30.11.2023 - 30.12.2023
Winter dance show Gütersloh Christmas market

Dance groups of the trainer Daniela Koureia | M Dance Studio | Dance School Step by Step | danceair | Speranza Dancer

City center, Berliner Platz 01.12.2023 16:00-18:30
Fancy Friday: Creative Santa Claus crafting

On the first day of the Adventothek, you can come along and do handicrafts with us! Cookies and Christmas music will create a pre-Christmas atmosphere. Age: from 10 years old You can register by e-mail...

City library, conference room, 2nd floor 01.12.2023 16:00-18:00
CANCELLED: European review of the year

Europe Direct Kreis Gütersloh invites you to look back on the year 2023 with its ups and downs together with EU expert and political scientist Siebo Janssen. Where does the EU stand...

City library, first floor 01.12.2023 20:00-21:30
Heart Whisper Duo Gütersloh Christmas market

This year, the festive Christmas season in Gütersloh will be accompanied by a special music duo called "Heart Whisper". Sonja Schürmann, the charismatic voice of "Heart Whisper", also known as a wedding singer, will...

City center, Berliner Platz 01.12.2023 20:00-22:00
Christmas writing workshop

Come on, let's write a story! Christmas writing workshop for 8 to 12-year-olds Gütersloh City Library and author Alexandra Fabisch invite you to a Christmas writing workshop in the run-up to Christmas. For girls and boys aged...

City library, conference room or multifunctional room, 2nd floor 02.12.2023 10:30-13:30
Makerspace Repair Café

Kettle, vacuum cleaner, radio, speakers, coffee maker ... These and many other devices are often abandoned when they are broken. The Repair Café aims to breathe new life into them and thereby eliminate unnecessary waste....

City library, 2nd floor 02.12.2023 11:00-14:00
Children's participatory concert "Mr. Müller and his guitar" Gütersloh Christmas market

Kassel-based children's songwriter and entertainer Jürgen Müller is coming to the Christmas market with his guitar and lots of good humor. As "Mr. Müller and his guitar", he presents his songs in Gütersloh and invites...

City center, Berliner Platz 02.12.2023 15:00-16:00