City management

City management

Gütersloh is not just about culture, nature and greenery, and events. Gütersloh is also about its inner city. And in order to ensure that it stays as it is and is also ready for the future together with its many owner-run retail businesses and wide range of restaurants, we have dedicated ourselves to city management.

What does city management mean?

Together with our partners, we have initiated numerous activities for revitalising the city centre. We have established the Mittlere Berliner Straße real estate and location community, and have supported it in making urban development changes and organising games within the framework of various events and campaigns. By exchanging ideas with the various departments of the city and also business people in the city centre at regular intervals, we ensure that all of the stakeholders continue to actively participate in the positive development of our city centre. And it's not just events which make Gütersloh even more attractive. It's the small things which make a city worth living in: It starts with the rubbish bins and carries on with attractive street furniture and seasonal campaigns.

Bunte Regenschirme hänger über der Mittleren Berliner Straße

Study of vital inner cities

The "Vital Inner Cities" study is Germany's biggest and best-known analysis of German city centres. We want to understand what you expect as visitors to our city, and how we can continually improve the quality of your stay in the city centre. Every two years we therefore take part in the IFH Cologne study and draw our conclusions from the results. You can find the latest analysis here!

Footfall count

Footfall counts map the flow of customers within shops, streets and entire city centres. Collected continuously over many years, the measured values allow conclusions to be drawn about many ways in which the cities are used, and act as a decision-making basis for Sunday trading and similar purposes. The up-to-date statistics of our regular counts can be found here!

Inner city working group

Der Arbeitskreis Innenstadt sorgt dafür, dass Gütersloh noch lebenswerter und attraktiver wird. Unser Geschäftsführer Jan-Erik Weinekötter moderiert die Treffen des Arbeitskreises, bei denen sich die Fachbereichsleiter der Fachbereiche Tiefbau, Stadtplanung, Stadtreinigung, Ordnungsamt, Grünflächenamt sowie Zentrale Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zusammenfinden. Was hier passiert? Gemeinsam werden in der Gruppe die unterschiedlichsten Maßnahmen und Projekte erarbeitet und umgesetzt, die die Innenstadt noch besser in Szene setzen. Dazu gehört u.a. eine bessere Ausschilderung der Stadt, aber auch der Wettbewerb URBAN, der ebenfalls einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Verschönerung der Innenstadt leistet.


Would you like to get to know us and our work better? That's why we have the "gtm IN DIALOGUE" series of events. This is where any interested parties have the opportunity to get to know us better, i.e. Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, your gtm. We extend an invitation to all interested citizens to attend informative presentations at regular intervals. In the interest of maximum transparency, we provide information about urban issues, retail developments (e.g. barrier-free retail) and trends, and also tourism topics such as cycle paths at these events. "This is intended to make the services of gtm even more transparent and clear for the citizens of Gütersloh," says Jan-Erik Weinekötter, managing director of gtm.