City management

City management

City management

Gütersloh is more than culture, more than a "city in the countryside" and more than its numerous events. Gütersloh is also its city center. And to ensure that the center of Gütersloh, with its many owner-operated retail stores and its large selection of restaurants, remains fit for the future, we have dedicated ourselves to city management.

What does city management mean?

Together with our partners, we are the initiator of numerous activities to strengthen the city center. We founded the real estate and location community Mittlere Berliner Straße and have since supported it in urban development changes and square design within the framework of various events and campaigns.

Through regular exchange with the various departments of the city or even business people in the city center, we ensure that all stakeholders continue to actively participate together in the positive development of our city center. And it's not just events that make Gütersloh even more attractive. It's the little things that make a city worth living in: It starts with the trash cans and doesn't stop with attractive street furniture and seasonal campaigns.

Surveys on the current state of the city center

Bunte Regenschirme hänger über der Mittleren Berliner Straße

Study of vital inner cities

The "Vitale Innenstädte" study is Germany's largest and best-known analysis of German city centers. We want to understand what you expect as visitors to our city and how we can continually improve the quality of stay in the city center. Every two years, we therefore take part in the IFH Cologne study and draw our conclusions from the results. You can find the latest evaluation here:

Footfall count

Pedestrian frequency counts map customer flows within stores, streets and entire city centers. Collected continuously over many years, the readings allow conclusions to be drawn about many city usage patterns and are used as a basis for decisions on open Sundays and similar purposes. The current figures of our regular counts can be found here:

The Center Management project is a joint project of the City of Gütersloh's Urban Planning department and conceptGT and Gütersloh Marketing GmbH. The urban planning department is in charge of the project. Center management in Gütersloh is supported by the Stadt und Handel office.

The goal of the center management is to develop a strategy for the future Gütersloh city center.

You can find detailed information viewed here.

Inner city working group

The downtown working group, which brings together the heads of the civil engineering, urban planning, city cleaning, public order, green spaces and central public relations departments, ensures that Gütersloh becomes even more livable and attractive. Together, the group develops and implements a wide variety of measures and projects to make the city center even more attractive. These include better signage in the city, but also the URBAN competition, which also makes an important contribution to beautifying the city center.