Cycling in Gütersloh

The people of Gütersloh are enthusiastic cyclists! Whether in everyday life or for leisure, many routes in Gütersloh can be easily covered by bike. Learn more about bike tours in and around Gütersloh here.

Bike tours

Long-distance cycle routes

R1 European Cycle Trail

The name already suggests it: This route, which has been designated as an ADFC quality route, takes you across Europe for more than 3500 km. And the route also takes you through Gütersloh as well as to the river landscapes, historic town centers and sights of the Teutoburg Forest. The 940 km long section through Germany is also available as a D3 bike path known. It runs from Vreden on the Dutch border through the Münsterland and eastern Westphalia to the Weserbergland and the border of the Harz. At the Oder River, it finally crosses the Polish border. The German part is a premium long-distance cycle route with good signposting and route quality. For cyclists, this also means a large number of catering and accommodation establishments that have adapted to the needs of cyclists.

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Ems bike path

On the Ems bike path you follow the course of the river Ems from the Ems springs in the Senne to the North Sea, where the river flows into the sea at Emden. Away from busy main roads, the bike path is very idyllic and few inclines. Perfect for a cycling vacation with children!

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