The "URBAN" project
Bunte Regenschirme hänger über der Mittleren Berliner Straße

The "URBAN" project

The idea

The "URBAN", the award for city beautifiers, was created by the inner city working group. The aim is to encourage citizens and visitors to initiate new and attractive things for Gütersloh and take notice of them in their city!

The motto: Discover and show the beautiful features of the city with open eyes!


The URBAN is intended to stimulate creativity in the city centre. Therefore, all ideas which fulfil the following conditions will be considered:

The ideas must be implemented in the city centre. In this case, the area between Kahlertstrasse and Bismarckstrasse, the railway line and Barkeystrasse is regarded as part of the city centre.


Key points:

  1. The implementation must not have taken place more than two years ago.
  2. Every citizen can submit suggestions, and is invited to walk through Gütersloh with open eyes. 

Examples of implementations are façades, shop windows, green spaces, and sustainable stagings.

Important: The activity for the Gütersloh city centre will be evaluated as a whole. Not only fixed buildings can be suggested, but also actions and commitments!

Participants should be deliberately encouraged to initiate something new and attractive for the competition.

Decision-making criteria for the jury:

Previous award winners:

Preisträger URBAN 2017_Stadt Guetersloh

URBAN 2017

"For the first time, the 2017 award was presented to two initiatives. The inner city working group gave the award to the ISG Mittlere Berliner Straße for the ""Umbrella Sky"" - the colourful umbrellas which decorated the pedestrian zone in Berliner Straße - and the Werbekreis Dreiecksplatz for the shadow shows which were projected onto the windows around Dreiecksplatz."

Preisträger URBAN Preis 2015_Männer im Anzug

URBAN 2015

The award for the most creative beautification of the city went to the Kolbeplatz Oasis project in 2015. In 2014 and 2015, Carsten Huhn from GTown-Music, together with Ralf Ehlers, Hans-Jörg Milse and his volunteers from ToyRun4Kids, transformed the square into a true inner-city feel-good location as a beach oasis for the months of June to September.

Preisverleihung URBAN-Preis 2013_Sieger und Flötenspieler

URBAN 2013

In 2013, the URBAN went to the Werbekreis Dreiecksplatz, which made the square even more inviting with 30 colourful deck chairs.