Most people now order tickets for events such as concerts, musicals, theater performances etc. online. But what if you don't want to do that? If you want to give away a high-quality ticket that doesn't come from the printer at home? Or if you'd rather be advised on the spot about the event or the choice of seats? If an event is sold out, we know the nicest alternatives.

Order tickets, fast and easy

You can reserve event tickets by phone with a quick reach for the receiver, order them by e-mail or even pick them up in person at our office. You can pay cash, with EC card or with the Gütersloh city voucher. If you pay by bank transfer with prepayment, we will also send you the tickets by mail after receiving the payment - uncomplicated by registered mail.

Gütersloher Theaterkasse - That's us

The events in Kultur Räume Gütersloh, Theater and Stadthalle, sell out quickly. In a season, we sell around 40,000 tickets: that's an average of 250 tickets a day!

Our team at the ServiceCenter organizes nationwide advance sales at a total of three computer workstations using the systems adticket, "Sales," CTS-Eventim Inhouse for the Stadthalle and theater, and TicketNet-Online for the Burgbühne Stromberg. So-called "hard tickets," i.e. tickets printed by the organizers themselves (for example, of churches, school events or readings) for a wide variety of events are also available here, as are tickets for the GOP in Bad Oeynhausen and the "WinterWunderVarieté" at the Markötter car dealership in Gütersloh.

Important information on advance ticket sales of the Culture and Congress Center Kultur Räume Gütersloh

At this point, we will also tell you where you can find out more about the current performances from Kultur Räume Gütersloh's event schedule, how to obtain a subscription, and how to send us subscription change requests. Below you will also find the Kultur Räume Gütersloh webshop, where you can also purchase tickets.


One-way tickets for the theater and the Stadthalle Gütersloh online

In the webshop of Kultur Räume Gütersloh you can book your event ticket comfortably from home.

Webshop for the Stadthalle Gütersloh

Webshop for Theater Gütersloh