#TeutoBloggerWG idea

Conceived as a "residential community" of bloggers, who are individually different, undertake programs throughout the region and exchange ideas in the evening and over breakfast, each has a single room in the (same) hotel.

From there, the bloggers take part in various programs offered and organized by partners from the entire Teutoburg Forest vacation and leisure region. Places, museums, spas, health service providers and the impressive landscapes of the region are visited. 

Meeting interesting, travel-experienced people and getting their feedback in the form of blog posts and other posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co. is an exciting affair every time.

Impressions of the bloggers' experiences in and around Gütersloh are always available from the start of the respective TeutoBloggerWG, among others, on our Instagram channel to find.

You can also find all the experiences under the hashtag #TeutoBloggerWG and at the Instagram channel of the Teutoburg Forest Tourimus:

More posts by the bloggers can also be found at the Social Media Wall of the TeutoBloggerWG.


Organizer of the Teuto Blogger WG:

Gütersloh participates in the #TeutoBloggerWG

Click here for the program of each year:

2022: Stefanie Meckl from www.evaexplora.com comes to Gütersloh. Learn more.

2021: Gütersloh hosts the entire #TeutoBloggerWG. Learn more.

Impressions of the #TeutoBloggerWG in Gütersloh