View through the "Window into the past"

View through the "Window into the past"

Even though the title might suggest it: Uninspiring numbers and boring facts don't stand a chance on the "Window into the Past" city tour. City guide Brunhilde Kohls uses anecdotes to bring the history of the Old Church Square to life on this tour.

This journey back in time to very early Gütersloh shows that the Old Church Square is not only the origin of the city of Gütersloh, but also an important archaeological and historical source. Among other things, the topics of schooling and jurisdiction are also discussed during the guided tour. Of course, the Apostelkirche is also a part of the tour. In this case it is about the architects and artists who were involved in the construction and equipping of the church. The sagas and legends surrounding the church are also touched upon. Brunhilde Kohls explains the burial culture using the remains of the walls of the historic cemetery.

Another highlight is the visit to the house at Alte Kirchplatz 11, one of Gütersloh's oldest buildings. The post-holes of a 12th century building were uncovered here in 2016. In the basement of the building, not only these post-holes but also a display case containing medieval pottery shards, animal bones, horse teeth and fragments of ancient clay pipes can be viewed.

The city tour, which lasts about 2.5 hours and is very varied, begins at the meeting point on the meadow at the Apostle Church.

Unfortunately not privately bookable!