Service Q

Q like quality and service

The ServiceCenter of gtm already carries the topic SERVICE in its name. In order to define and continuously improve our own standards, we have had ourselves certified by the initiative "ServiceQualität Deutschland in NRW" and have already repeatedly received the "Q" seal for service quality. With the training and quality seal program of the service initiative, we have consistently analyzed our services from the customer perspective in order to sustainably and continuously optimize internal processes.

"With this seal of quality, we show our customers that our employees provide optimum service on a permanent and systematic basis - and do so with a lot of fun and enjoyment!" also believes our Managing Director, Jan-Erik Weinekötter.

Q - the sure sign of service and quality

After all, the trend is increasingly going back to the real values: friendly service and sustainable quality. The initiative "ServiceQuality Germany" has developed a nationwide, three-stage system for the step-by-step improvement of services and offerings using practice-oriented tools. Service Q" offers small and medium-sized businesses in the hotel, catering and tourism sectors as well as service companies a simple quality management system that helps to continuously optimize the quality of operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Simply be better

Better service promises enthusiastic customers, motivated employees and satisfied business partners. So it always pays off for participating companies to use "ServiceQualität Deutschland" to further develop and improve the quality of their offerings and internal processes. Establishments audited by "Service Q" are allowed to identify themselves with the "Q" quality seal and thus send a signal that they are interested in further development, have worked on service quality and are pursuing it on a sustained basis. For end consumers, this offers the security of being able to trust an operation certified to a tested quality standard.

Melanie Kinter Head of ServiceCenter and Ticketing, Service Q Coach Phone: 05241 211 36 38 E-mail: Profil