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Our mission

Our mission as city marketing is multifaceted: we are city manager, event manager, ticket agency and tourist information. We advise and inform about the city, promote private and public initiatives, bring together all the city's forces. In short: Together with our many partners and the people of Gütersloh, we bring out the best sides of this city, polish and present it with all its lovable quirks and the somewhat subtle humor of the East Westphalians, who always have the economic idea as well as culture and leisure in mind. Gütersloh, that is our home and to enrich the colorful life of our home is our passion!

Gütersloh can: As an attractive business location with numerous well-known companies, as a cultural and meeting place and also as a leisure and shopping location, our beautiful city scores points in many areas of everyday life. Gütersloh is worth living in, Gütersloh is diverse.

Let's name a few examples: We, the Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, organize the Gütersloh Spring, the Reading City Gütersloh or the popular Open Air Cinema, invite to the Gütersloh Christmas Market or find in a hurry a cozy place to relax. Hotel room for you.

Jan-Erik Weinekötter, Managing Director of gtm

Creativity is very important to us. In addition, we have a wide range of (professional) experience, almost unlimited commitment and plenty of organizational talent. In this way, we bring together people and communities of interest from society, politics, business and culture in Gütersloh: Together, we make Gütersloh even more beautiful!

We are committed to the forward-looking design of the city, which as a smart city is also moving ahead in digitization. Without our committed smaller and larger associations and cultural initiatives in the city, we would hardly be able to do this, so we also support them in their ideas. We coordinate what makes Gütersloh special, we develop the supraregional, but also the local, very own image of Gütersloh for the people of Gütersloh and show what our beautiful city stands for!

SHORT TERM: We are the city marketing of and for Gütersloh.

*By the way, since our founding, these goals have been enshrined as the company's purpose and mission in our shareholders' agreement.

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Our team

Davina Budde Event Management Phone: 05241 211 36 43 Email: davina.budde@guetersloh-marketing.de
Lena Descher Head of event management Phone: 05241 211 36 42 Email: lena.descher@guetersloh-marketing.de
Michelle Donnelly Trainee Phone: 05241 211 36 44 Email: michelle.donnelly@guetersloh-marketing.de
Gordana Janson City tours and tourism Phone: 05241 211 36 37 Email: gordana.janson@guetersloh-marketing.de
Melanie Kinter Head of ServiceCenter and Ticketing, Service Q Coach Phone: 05241 211 36 38 Email: melanie.kinter@guetersloh-marketing.de
Sabrina Heitmann ServiceCenter and Ticketing Phone: 05241 211 36 0 Email: sabrina.heitmann@guetersloh-marketing.de
Svenja Eilts Media Management Phone: 05241 211 36 12 Email: svenja.eilts@guetersloh-marketing.de
Mitarbeiterfoto Karin Nottbrock
Karin Nottbrock ServiceCenter and Ticketing Phone: 05241 211 36 0 Email: karin.nottbrock@guetersloh-marketing.de
Christina Junkerkalefeld Head of City Management and Tourism Phone: 05241 211 36 35 Email: christina.junkerkalefeld@guetersloh-marketing.de
Clara Abelmann City management and tourism Phone: 05241 211 36 33 Email: clara.abelmann@guetersloh-marketing.de
Lena Held ServiceCenter and Ticketing Phone: 05241 211 36 0 Email: lena.held@guetersloh-marketing.de


You would like to get to know us and our work better? That's why we have the "gtm IM DIALOG" series of events. Here, all interested parties have the opportunity to get to know us, Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, your gtm, better.