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Gütersloher Frühling

When it slowly gets warmer again, we bring fresh greenery and spring flowers to the city of Gütersloh with the help of many partners and sponsors. From the middle/end of March, "Gütersloh Spring" brings the city center into bloom. A special highlight is the park landscape that is set up on Berliner Platz as part of this event.

Enjoy the "Gütersloh Spring" at the opening weekend "Gütersloh Spring in Bloom" or the many other exciting program points under the motto "Gütersloh Spring continues to bloom" up to the big weekend when the "Gütersloh Spring is in full bloom". The highlight of the final weekend is the annual Street Art Festival in Gütersloh city center.

The Gütersloh Spring is an event of the Gütersloh advertising association, on whose behalf gtm takes over the organization.

Information on the contents of the spring vending machine

on the park landscape on Berliner Platz

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