Do you know Gütersloh inside out?

If not, come with us on a voyage of discovery through the Dalkestadt. If you do: We are sure that our city guides have one or two anecdotes up their sleeves that will surprise you, too!

After all, what better way to get to know a city than on foot or by bike, accompanied by a real local expert? We show you what you need to know about Gütersloh on our numerous themed tours and rides. Public tours take place throughout the year. But we also organize individual tours for private groups. A great change for company parties, birthdays and co! On our tours, even Gütersloh veterans still learn new things about their city.

From classic to culinary

Our city tours are sometimes classic, sometimes culinary, sometimes historical, sometimes natural - but above all they are one thing: always exciting!

Take a walk with Güths Marie and the night watchman through their territory, discover the numerous gastronomic highlights of Gütersloh or learn what moves Hinz and Kunz on a city tour. In addition to the classic city tour to the sights of the city, you will also find a colorful variety of themed tours and bike tours through the city center, the popular city park and around Gütersloh in our program.

Knowledge of the most beautiful places

Our city guides are always on hand to provide you with the most interesting facts and anecdotes about the city and its history. Together with the city archive, the city museum and the VHS Gütersloh, we have trained them and are now happy about their support in showing all Gütersloh residents and visitors the most beautiful corners of Gütersloh!

Upcoming public dates 2022


08.05. um 12 Uhr Stadtführung am verkaufsoffenen Sonntag with Brunhilde Kohls

13.05. at 19:30 Nachtwächterrundgang
14.05. at 1 pm Cycling through the farming communities mit Walter Holtkamp (abgesagt)
14.05. at 3 pm "Jüdisches Leben in Gütersloh" mit Norbert Ellermann (ausgebucht)

21.05. at 1 pm guided bike tour on the Dalke water adventure trail with Walter Holtkamp

21.05. at 5 pm "Güth's Mariechen"


19.06. um 14:30 Uhr Hexenkräuter-Führung with Barbara Weidler
24.06. at 19:30 Nachtwächterrundgang

25.06. at 17:30 Kulinarischer Rundgang (fully booked)

(fully booked)


01.07. um 18 Uhr Blick durch das „Fenster in die Vergangenheit“


Summer break.


16.09. um 18:30 Uhr Nachtwächterrundgang

17.09. um 17:30 Uhr Kulinarischer Rundgang

(fully booked)


21.10. um 18:30 Uhr Nachtwächterrundgang

22.10. um 17:30 Uhr Kulinarischer Rundgang

(fully booked)


18.11. um 18 Uhr Nachtwächterrundgang

19.11. um 17 Uhr Kulinarischer Rundgang


16.12. um 18 Uhr Nachtwächterrundgang
(fully booked)

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Stadtführung als privaten Rundgang buchen!

Von Geburtstagsfeier und Betriebsausflug bis Familienbesuch – zahlreiche Themenführungen aus unserem Programm können Sie auch als privaten Rundgang buchen. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach.


19.06. at 14:.30 Hexenkräuter-Führung with Barbara Weidler
24.06. at 19:30 Nachtwächterrundgang

25.06. at 17:30 Kulinarischer Rundgang (fully booked)

(fully booked)