Zertifizierung "Reisen für Alle"

In order to provide every visitor with advice in a pleasant atmosphere, our Service Centre is barrier-free for people with impaired mobility, and partially barrier-free for wheelchair users. The entrance door is at least 90 cm wide, threshold-free and opens automatically. The entire entrance area has no steps and contrasts visually with the surroundings. The route into the service area has a slope of 10% and is five metres long. Anyone who cannot manage the ramp on their own can use the bell at the bottom left at the entrance to request assistance from a Service Centre employee.

The service area has a lowered counter area which is 75 cm high at its lowest point in order to make it easier to access by wheelchair users, and there is also an induction loop for the hard of hearing.

Inductive hearing loop in the Service Centre.

Our Service Centre has been certified with the "Travel for All" award.

Clara Abelmann (l.), City- & Tourismusmanagement, und Melanie Kinter (r.), Leiterin des ServiceCenters & Ticketing, heißen Frau Runte und Herrn Solz vom Behindertenbeirat Gütersloh im ServiceCenter herzlich Willkommen.

You can find more information about the "Travel for All" certification viewed here.

Clara Abelmann City- und Tourismusmanagement Phone: 05241 211 36 33 E-mail: clara.abelmann@guetersloh-marketing.de Profil