Mobile ramps for Gütersloh

We have now been looking after the "Mobile Ramps" project together with the Advisory Committee for the Disabled for several years. The project was made possible by Hans Diestelkamp, a native of Gütersloh. Unfortunately, he has since passed away, but has bequeathed us a worthy assignment.

Where the idea came from

Hans Diestelkamp was himself a wheelchair user. Therefore, the topic of accessibility in the city (whereby the subject of accessibility covers many other different topics such as poor vision and impaired hearing!) was a matter that was close to his heart, and he established the Dr. Salk Memorial Foundation for the Disabled together with his wife Ingrid.

The foundation is dedicated to educating people about life with disabilities, and improving the quality of life of the persons affected by those limitations. It also supports research and lobbying work, particularly in the post-polio syndrome area.

Why mobile ramps?

Anyone travelling around the city in a wheelchair will encounter an essential problem on the way into many buildings: steps. A mobile ramp is a great help!

And not only wheelchair users are confronted with barriers.

Just think about the number of prams and wheeled walkers, and people who are not very good on their feet because of their age...there are many reasons for resorting to aids such as mobile ramps.

And what is the "Mobile Ramps" project now?

The aim of the project is to provide everyone with barrier free access to retail businesses, restaurants and all of the other facilities which are open to the public in the city centre. Anyone, whose establishment can currently only be accessed via steps can register with us. We will then come to you and check the required height of the mobile ramp and coordinate other details.

The Dr. Salk Memorial Foundation for the Disabled provided a fixed sum of money for the implementing the project. This money has since been used to purchase the mobile ramps, supplemented by wireless doorbells and an information sticker. The project is therefore funded by the foundation, and is free of charge to anyone who is interested! The mobile ramps are the property of the Dr. Salk Memorial Foundation, but can be used free of charge for an indefinite period, and gtm will put together a custom-made combination package to adapt to the respective step height. In this way, no more work is created for the interested parties. The mobile ramps are quick to assemble and dismantle, which allows them to be used anywhere, even on small flights of steps, and the amount of work required to use them is minimal.

What do these mobile ramps look like?

The mobile ramps are folding, which allows them to be stowed away to save space when they are not in use. They are made of robust aluminium, and the surface is also made of a specially perforated and therefore slip-resistant material.

Mobile ramps are suitable for electric wheelchairs and also for the aforementioned people with prams and walkers. People can signal that the ramp is needed by pressing the radio bell which is installed at the entrance to the building. The employees on site will then put down the mobile ramp and provide assistance – if needed. Once the ramp has been used, it is removed again so that there is no risk of anyone tripping over it in public areas.

Who is already taking part?

We always call on people to contact us if they are interested. The response is getting bigger and bigger, to date almost thirty facilities have already become barrier-free accessible through mobile ramps! We are happy about each of them - thank you for your commitment to Gütersloh!

You can see all of the participating "Mobile Ramps" partner businesses again here:

Would you like more information or to become a partner directly?

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