From the city voucher for retail businesses and gastronomy in the city centre to vouchers for the events in the theatre and city hall to flexible tickets for the numerous themed city tours, gift seekers will find the right thing for any occasion in our Service Centre. The Gütersloh city voucher and also the culture voucher are available from us.

Gütersloh gift certificate

Give away a piece of Gütersloh! The Gütersloh gift voucher is redeemable in numerous Gütersloh stores, restaurants, cafés, bars or at various service providers and thus offers the entire range of products in Gütersloh on a piece of paper!

But please note: Partial redemption of the voucher value is not possible, nor is cash payment.

Gütersloh special voucher

The word "special" says it all: this voucher is not a normal city voucher. The special feature is in the details. In order to promote the economy, the city of Gütersloh increases the value of each voucher that is purchased and redeemed by 30th June 2021 by an additional 5 Euros. For you, this means: pay 20 Euros, go shopping for 25 Euros!

Give a gift city tour

And how does the flexible ticket for our City tours? From our numerous themed city tours you can choose one that suits your ideas. The highlight: With our flexible ticket you do not decide on a date, but give away the city tour in voucher form. The flexible ticket can then be exchanged at our ServiceCenter for a ticket for the desired date.