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The Gütersloh Spring was to kick off the weekend with a colorful program to mark the start of "Gütersloh Spring - Blossoms on". As the spring market pavilions were barely able to withstand the gusts of wind on Saturday, we decided to cancel some of the activities on the open Sunday for safety reasons. These include the planned pop-up playground including rodeo duck and bouncy castle on Kolbeplatz and the spring market on Berliner Platz.

In addition to the spring market on Saturday, the open Sunday and the gastronomic offer from the GüTsel On Berliner Platz, there were various hands-on activities at porta and in the city center.

March 23 and 24, 2024

Sunday open for sale

Hands-on activities
There were various creative hands-on activities on the theme of spring in the city center on Sunday. Particularly hard-working people had the chance to win a little surprise. All the activities could be found on a stamp card. With just three stamps collected, the card could be exchanged for a small spring gift at the gtm ServiceCenter. Visitors were able to show off their creativity by painting clay pots, among other things. If you were handy, you could even build your own insect hotel for your garden or balcony at the NABU station. At Berliner Platz there was the opportunity to plant your own flower pots. There were 5 stations in total - all stations were located at different places in the city center.
Shopping Sunday
On Sunday, March 24, visitors were able to discover the latest spring fashion and much more in the stores, stroll through the park landscape and enjoy the outdoor gastronomic offerings from 1 pm to 6 pm. The GüTsel took care of the physical well-being on Berliner Platz.
Pop-up playground
A pop-up playground was planned for Sunday, March 24 at Kolbeplatz. Children could have looked forward to a number of play modules there. Among other things, a bouncy castle and XXL building blocks were planned.
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