Pop-up shelf

The pop-up shelf provides exhibition space for small businesses

The first Gütersloh pop-up shelf is now available in the Service Centre of Gütersloh Marketing GmbH (gtm). The shelf is intended to provide small businesses with an exhibition area for their products and assistance in setting up and expanding their business.

Pop-up shops are temporary and short-term retail shops which do not yet exist in this form in Gütersloh. The gtm pop-up shelf is a first step in providing small businesses with the opportunity to present individual, self-made or particularly innovative products to a wider audience. However, it also provides people with the opportunity to try out possible self-employment with their own creative shop.

The use of the shelf as well as the assistance and the sale of the products is free of charge for the small businesses. "Especially in the current situation, we think that it is important to also keep an eye on small businesses," says Jan-Erik Weinekötter, Managing Director of gtm. The pop-up shelf is intended to showcase the diversity of small businesses and production facilities in the Gütersloh district. At the same time, gtm expects keen interest in the varying range of products, which expands its own range of goods.

Pop-up shelf exhibitors

Sie haben ein Kleinunternehmen und möchten auch bei uns im Pop-Up-Regal ausstellen? Wenden Sie sich gerne an Frau Donnelly.

28. Februar 2023 bis 28. März 2023

Simone Wehrmann: Kerzenständer, Bilder und allerlei Dekoratives für Frühling, Ostern und mehr.

Produkte von Simone Wehrmann im Pop-Up-Regal der gtm

31. Januar 2023 bis 28. Februar 2023

Holzkunst & Design Manfred Völkl: Holzkunst und Designobjekte aus der Verbindung von Holz, Glas und Metall.

Holzkunst von Manfred Völkl

03. Januar 2023 bis 31. Januar 2023

handmade.nähdesign: Taschen, Leseknochen, Utensilos und Geschenksets für Kinder.

Stoffprodukte des Kleinunternehmens handmade.nähdesign von Sarah Brickwedde

06. Dezember 2022 bis 03. Januar 2023

Frau Luther: Farbenfrohe Schals, Stirnbänder und Accessoires aus Stoff.

Tischlerei Bethlehem: In traditioneller Handwerksarbeit gefertigte Holzprodukte wie Kerzenhalter, Nistkästen und Futterhäuser.

08. November bis 06. Dezember 2022

ANCA: Dekoratives und Nützliches aus Holz, Beton, Naturmaterialien, Papier und Floristik



13. Oktober bis 08. November 2022

Goldtaschen: Handgemachte Produkte aus echtem Leder


Kiubiq: Modulares Aufbewahrungssystem aus Holz, das mit der Auswahl robuster Naturmaterialien und flexibel nutzbarer Module einen Fokus auf das Thema Nachhaltigkeit legt


nähstübchen Frau W: Individuelle Accessoires, Baby- und Kindermode aus Stoff

13. September bis 08. November 2022

nähstübchen Frau W: Individuelle Accessoires, Baby- und Kindermode aus Stoff

08. August bis 12. September 2022

Sieb & Seele: Künstlerischer Siebdruck auf Textil, Papier und Holz zum Verschenken oder Behalten

21. Mai bis 17. Juni 2022

Teuto Manufaktur: Liebevoll handgefertigte Unikate und personalisierte Produkte für jeden Anlass

03. Mai bis 20. Mai 2022

Goldtaschen: Hand-made products made from real leather

25th March to 2nd May 2022

Zuckerpuppenladen – Kunsthandwerk mit Herz: Hand-made decorations and accessories made from felt, material, wool and concrete. The majority of products are embroidered, stamped or sewn.

25th February to 24th March 2022

Dreieckskante: Geometric home decoration

28th January to 24th February 2022

Mirenos: Sustainable wooden products, such as candle holders, lamps, picture frames, signs and other decorations.

5th to 27th January 2022

treaseli: Hand-made jewellery made from sterling silver and semi-precious stones

14th December to 4th January 2022

Plotterhontas: Personalised badges, pocket mirrors or even bottle openers

Pauline Levesque: Cast resin jewellery

7th December to 14th December 2021

treaseli: Hand-made jewellery made from sterling silver and semi-precious stones

1st to 6th December 2021

Ringe und mehr: Jewellery

Mädchenzimmer: Home-made handbags, cosmetic bags, clutches, purses and more.

9th to 30th November 2021

Little Who | AC Story Design UG: Vegan kids backpacks

thetinyplottery: Personalised acrylic signs and pendants

20th October to 8th November 2021

NicoleS Handmade Presents: Picture frames, lamps

Textiles Schrickel: Grain cushions, reading cushions, tablet cushions

28th September to 19th October 2021

Amano: Hand-made necklaces, bracelets, rings and lanyards.

Lauseban.com: Feather-light leather slippers for young and old, SOS bracelets and gauntlets

2nd September to 27th September 2021

ReHo Design: Unique items made from wood, wooden decorations, small furniture items, interior design, carpentry work

Creation: Home-made jewellery from Swarovski, beads and stones

13th August to 2nd September 2021

Crea Bea selfmade: Bags made from car seat covers

Ringe und mehr: Jewellery

23rd July to 12th August 2021

hippieness: Precious bracelets made from the finest silk

PicOli Grill: Sustainable barbecuing

1st to 22nd July 2021

Hausadel: Beautiful items for the home ... Hand-made with love!

Mädchenzimmer: Home-made handbags, cosmetic bags, clutches, purses and more.

All of the products can be found on the respective websites of the individual exhibitors. However, we would also be pleased to provide you with further information and establish contact. Just talk to us!