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As the best circle in the world, we in Gütersloh are tackling retail challenges together! Retailers, restaurateurs and service providers can use the opportunity here to present their offers for Corona time. From telephone advice to pick-up service and delivery service to online ordering via social media and the company website - more than 200 entrepreneurs are already offering creative solutions here!
The ceiling is falling on your head at home? Jobs can also be posted and discovered here.


On this overview page, NW once again collects all information on delivery services and pick-up services of the restaurants in Gütersloh. Also exciting: the personal information texts of the participating restaurants. Perhaps your favorite restaurant is also included?

Gütersloh supplies!

Now it's that time of year again, unfortunately there's not much going on in our private lives for the next few weeks. But what is still possible in this unloved month of November: Shopping - at your local retailer and with the special vouchers of the city of Gütersloh as support. A great reason to take a look around town again. Online stores become a minor matter! And if you want to make yourself comfortable at home with your new acquisitions and a delicious meal, call your favorite restaurant! They have already adapted to the new situation with some highly creative ideas and are increasingly offering delivery and pick-up services again.

Gütersloh will!

Time is not pretty, we all know that. That's why: Let's pull together and support our local businesses, so that in a few months we can again and continue to spend many beautiful moments in a vibrant downtown! Let's stick together: #schafftdas - together we are strong!

With this in mind, get in touch, call your favorite restaurateur and visit your local stores, get advice and inspiration! Our Gütersloh restaurateurs and also retailers will deliver what you need, or you can simply pick up your order contactless. Savings tip: Get the Gütersloh special voucher and save up to 25% on your purchases! For more information about the special voucher, please visit our website: www.guetersloh-marketing.de.

About us help!

On Facebook we have already in the spring Founded a groupin which we wanted to establish a connection between the companies and you. The group is still very active today and again, here the companies introduce themselves with their offers and tell you what they make possible for you. But that's not all: There is much more in Gütersloh.

On the Radio Gütersloh website linked here, you can find out everything about the services of Gütersloh retailers, restaurateurs and service providers, about delivery services and offers for pick-up. Click in whenever you need something!

Supports the city center!!

You are an entrepreneur and didn't know about the overviews yet? Go to the entry form below! Tell people who you are, what you offer and how we can reach you. Do you offer a delivery service? Are the goods available for pickup?

You can reach us at any time with questions, suggestions and feedback via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Together for Gütersloh's city center! #gtheycreate

Take care and stay healthy!

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