Cycling and hiking trails

Cycling and hiking trails

Gütersloh is the green city in the heart of East Westphalia-Lippe. Numerous bike paths converge here. It is not only the people of Gütersloh who are enthusiastic cyclists, as the city cycling programme shows. Throughout the year, we also welcome many bicycle tourists from outside the city who find their way to us via the total of four supraregional long-distance bike paths in the surrounding area or who are simply looking forward to a few relaxing days of cycling in the surrounding countryside. The uniform signposting of the paths certainly helps here – the NRW standard for cycle path signposting shows the way.

Hiking is very popular, and Gütersloh, which is located not far from the well-known Teutoburg Forest hiking region, can also come up with some beautiful trails, of course. We'll tell you more about them now. Otherwise take a look at the TeutoNavigator: Many more private routes can be found there!

Gütersloh by bike

R1 European Cycle Trail

The name already suggests it: This route, which has been designated as an ADFC quality route, takes you across Europe for more than 3500 km. The route also takes you through Gütersloh and to the river landscapes and historic town centres and sights of the Teutoburg Forest. The 940 km long part of the route through Germany is also known as the D3 cycle path, which runs from Vreden on the Dutch border through Münsterland and eastern Westphalia to the Weserbergland region and the border of the Harz Mountains. It finally crosses the Polish border at the Oder River. The German part is a premium long-distance cycle route with good signposting and route quality. For the cyclist, this also means a large number of catering and accommodation establishments which have adapted to the needs of cyclists.

Ems bike path

On the Ems bike path you follow the course of the river Ems from the Ems springs in the Senne to the North Sea, where the river flows into the sea at Emden. Away from busy main roads, the bike path is very idyllic and few inclines. Perfect for a cycling vacation with children!

Stork circuit – Cycle circuit in Gütersloh-Avenwedde

The stork circuit is a real nature experience which is wonderful for exploring by bike. With luck, you may discover nesting storks in many locations along the "Große Wiese" nature reserve!

Where can you leave your bike when you take a short break?

In Gütersloh, cyclists can safely store their bikes and luggage at the ASH bike station at the main train station!

Gütersloh hiking

The Donkey Trail

The Donkey Trail is a circular route which is almost 18 kilometre long, in and around the parish of Isselhorst. Past the quaint half-timbered houses, through nature and partly also along the river Lutter, you will discover the sights along the route. Do you fancy a break? The "Unnern Äiken" café at Niehorster Straße 110, the "Holtkämperei", the oldest house in the parish, the Prankte farm on Reithallenweg, the "Zur Linde" inn at Isselhorst Kirchplatz 5, the Elmendorf distillery, the church, the war memorial and the Niemann farm in Niehorst at Osterkamp are available. As an alternative to the route overview provided here, please take a look at the TeutoNavigator, where you will find an alternative route which is 2km shorter.

St. James' Way

Pilgrimage on your doorstep: Germany also has pilgrimage routes. For example, one section of St. James' Way leads from Minden via Bielefeld and Lippstadt to Soest. You will also pass through Gütersloh on the way. This is where the original pilgrimage route was reconstructed by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL). For more information about the exact route, please contact the Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe via this link! We would be pleased to stamp your pilgrim's passport at our Service Centre.