Gütersloh spring – in full bloom

Gütersloh spring - in full bloom

The city centre will be in full bloom on 7th and 8th May

During Gütersloh Spring the city centre is transformed into a flowering oasis – with the popular park landscape as the focal point, which has been carefully prepared by Hartkämper Gartenbau over the last few weeks. Many Gütesloh residents and visitors came to the inner city during the opening weekend to see the magnificent sea of flowers close up.

On Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th the motto will be “Gütersloh Spring in full bloom”. For the first time, Gütersloh Marketing is integrating 3D street art images and various hands-on street art activities into the weekend. In addition to a nature market and garden market, a BMX bike course and walk acts, the visitors will have a good view of the hustle and bustle on the lawn and park landscape. You can still admire the various flower arrangements when you're strolling through the city centre, of course.

The Gütersloh retail traders also invite you to go shopping and strolling in the decorated city centre on Sunday, 8th May, from 1pm to 6pm.

Street food trucks on Berliner Platz will look after your physical well-being on Saturday, May 7th and Sunday, May 8th. Refreshing drinks such as cocktails, beer and soft drinks as well as sweet and savoury dough balls with delicious toppings will be available to match the spring-like temperatures.

The weekend programme

Inner-city green oases

During Spring in Gütersloh, the city centre will be in full bloom on May 7th and 8th with a varied programme, putting the two green oases in the limelight again. For the first time, the park landscape on the Berliner Platz is in the hands of Hartkämper Gartenbau and has been carefully maintained over the past few weeks to ensure that all of our visitors have a great stay.

Visitors will find the second green centre of Gütersloh Spring on the Kolbeplatz. Rasenhof Wullengerd and andre WERTERHALTER have established the triangular area, and have also looked after it over the last few weeks.

The deckchairs which can be found in the two green oases are ideal for watching the lively hustle and bustle of the city centre. The two green areas and the flower decorations in the streets can be admired in the city centre until 22nd May 2022.


Street art in the city centre

However, visitors to Gütersloh Spring do not only have the park landscapes and streets decorated with spring decorations and the shops to look forward to: On Saturday and Sunday, the Kolbeplatz and the Berliner Platz, among others, will become a canvas for street artists.

An interactive project is also taking place, implemented by artist Dennis Josef Meseg, and a great mandala painting event on Sunday at the Kolbeplatz:


Interactive street art project throughout the city centre

Artist Dennis Josef Meseg, together with artist Irmgard Maria Jannssen-Otto, is planning a street painting that will extend across Gütersloh city centre. Flowers, chalk and chalk spray will be painted on the floor or on concrete walls to do this. The project is being implemented together with a primary school class from Gütersloh. The individual blossoms will lead the way to Berliner Platz. Here the flowers will be concentrated in a large area, in the centre of which will stand a figure that will also be painted with flowers.


Mandala colouring campaign

This year, Gütersloh Marketing GmbH is getting assistance from the Netherlands for the Gütersloh Spring campaign. Artist Rianne te Kaat is inviting visitors to a mandala colouring event on Sunday, 8th May on the Kolbeplatz. For this purpose, the artist will paint mandalas in various sizes on the Kolbeplatz on Sunday morning. The mandalas will be ready for colouring at the start of Sunday shopping from 1 pm onwards. Visitors can immortalise themselves in the mandalas free of charge and without having to register beforehand.

24th March to 22nd May 2022

Construction of the park landscape on the Berliner Platz.

Moss picture by artist Lisa Knübben (Copyright: Moos Werkstatt)

Nature and garden market on the Dreiecksplatz

As well as the activities on the Berliner Platz and the Kolbeplatz, there is also something to discover on the Dreiecksplatz this year. A nature and garden market will be taking place on the Dreiecksplatz on Saturday, 7th May, from 11 am to 4 pm and Sunday, 8th May, from 1 pm to 6 pm, visitors will be able to buy honey, coffee beans, bird boxes and insect hotels, self-sewn bags, handmade natural soap, upcycling products and a wide variety of decorative items and furniture for house and garden made from wood and concrete.

Walk acts

In order to maintain the good atmosphere, walk act artists will entertain the visitors in the city centre with small shows. On Saturday, 7th May, from 11 am to 4 pm, Belgian soap bubble artist Elias will be appearing at various locations in the city centre and inspiring the spectators with a soap bubble show. On Sunday, 8th May, when the shops are open from 1 pm to 6 pm, George the clown will amaze and amuse the crowd on his stilt e-bike.

Bike course

Not only George the clown is allowed to ride his bike. Visitors to the Gütersloh Spring can look forward to a BMX course on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz on Sunday, 8th May, from 12pm to 6pm. BMX bikes and special protective clothing will be provided by Xtreme Events on site. However, anyone who is interested can also bring their own BMX bike and therefore make the course unsafe. A supervisor will therefore be on site and guide people through the course. Children from the age of 6 and all age groups upwards can take part in the cycling event free of charge and without having to register beforehand.

Shopping Sunday

The flowers will be opening their blossoms, and the Gütersloh retail traders will be opening their doors on Sunday, 8th May, from 1 pm to 6 pm for the second shopping Sunday. Visitors will be inspired by shops with spring decorations and the colourful decoration of Gütersloh's city centre, and enjoy the Gütersloh spring once again with all of their senses.


Street food trucks on the Berliner Platz will take care of your physical well-being on Saturday, 7th May and Sunday, 8th May. In keeping with the spring-like temperatures, there will be refreshing drinks, including cocktails, beer and soft drinks, as well as sweet and savoury dough balls with delicious toppings.

Parking tips:

Cheap parking will be available for visitors to Gütersloh Spring at Media Markt, Porta Möbel, the Weberei and on the market square. For those who prefer to park directly in the city centre, Gütersloh has many multi-storey and underground car parks such as the ones near Klingenthal and at the train station. All of the parking options can be found at https://www.guetersloh-marketing.de/guetersloh/parkplatzsuche/ .

For an even more relaxed journey, it is also worth taking the shuttle bus from the Gütersloh Stadtwerke. Simply download the shuttle bus app, enter your starting point and destination and you will be picked up within a few minutes. A trip costs 4 Euros.



Because of the dynamic pandemic situation, additional restrictions may be in place at the Gütersloh Spring depending on further developments despite the precautions which have been taken.

All information about Gütersloh Spring and the campaigns can be found at www.guetersloherfruehling.de .